31 May 2006

a day in the life of a children's cup missionary

check out a cool thing the children's cup team in swaziland is doing with their blogs. they're all doing blogs that track an entire day hour-by-hour just doing what they do over there.

pretty cool view for those of us on this side of the globe who pray for them all the time - to get to see what life's like for them a little.

check out teresa rehmeyer's (then you can track from there to the others or visit childrenscup.org for a list of all the children's cup team blogs).

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FeatherIron said...

Lorri Earles and I sat and read Susan's and Ben's over the weekend. I couldn't beleive about the lady being bit by a snake! We read some of the new couple, I forget their name. They were actually with us when we went to the NO airport after Katrina. I'm jelous of their experience and what they are able to do for orphans! God bless them all. We pray for them.