03 May 2006

the rest of the day in DC

okay - i know you're figuring (hoping?) i didn't only see lance's calves all day. well, i did find a few other interesting things to shoot pics of.

WARNING: some images may include a rather frightening image of my big ol' face in the very near foreground. i'm not on an ego trip. who could be with a face like that? i've included me just to personalize it a bit - even at the risk of striking fear in the minds of small children. now - on to the pictures....

the washington monument

the world war 2 memorial - i'm so humbled by what these great people did for us to keep our country and world free. i'll shake a vet's hand with a little more vigor next time. i was seriously moved by some of what i saw there. quotes inscribed on the walls, and the sheer determination and willingness to die for that passion - wow.

then there was the lincoln memorial
- what a great man he was. (and it is a little more of a special one for me because my six-year-old is named lincoln.)

and the smithsonian (mini-tour) had a few things but nothing worth showing pics of. our little mini self-tour was WAY too limited.

then it was some work time in the hotel, followed by dinner and then back to the hotel for some more work.

tomorrow morning, we're off to ncc's ebenezer's for the buzz. can't wait.


Cajun Tiger said...

You're making me homesick =( Isn't DC just the best!!! I love that every where you look you are surrounded by so much history.

joyce said...

EWWWWW! I want to go there too. Now I'm jealous! I do have to tell you though that Abraham Lincoln is one of my major HEROS in life and I have done tons of studies on him, starting as early as when I was a child. Last summer, Don and I took Ariel to Springfield Illinois, to see the brand new "Lincoln Museum" and it was AWESOME......we toured his tomb, which I had already seen as a kid and some other things. I'm so glad we did it. Plus they just had a tornado rampage the entire town last month and cause severe damage. We've got to get up to D.C. though and see all that history......we sent Caleb on a school trip to do all that before 9/11 and he got to see so much of the White House even that you can't see today. If anyone gets the chance to learn America's history, I say do it so we can keep it alive and untainted.

Geoff Surratt said...

OK, you're freaking me out with the GIANT head next to the statues. I love you Dan, but wow.

And you went to Buzz but not Multi-site Coast to Coast. You're killing me here.