18 May 2006

mourning elliot's departure

this is my daughter tori after watching elliot get dropped from idol. i felt the same way but i'm not agile enough to get back up from a position like that, so i just mourned standing up.

i think the final four in idol are actually going out in reverse order from what i wanted. i bet katherine wins - that'd wrap up a complete reversal of my pick for the final four.

i really loved the piece they ran on elliot's trip home. i love that he de-hatted himself as he passed the flag and thanked the soldiers holding them.

he deserves to do well in his career in music.


FeatherIron said...

We watch lost and check American Idol during the comercials. I was sad about Elliot, Like I said, him or Taylor were second, not first but Katherine was gone last week as far as my brain goes. Taylor better win out of them two. Elliot is just the nicest and he sings great.

FeatherIron said...

Oh, and I love the product placement in the picture-keep Dean working, buy more Diet Coke!

Phillip LeBlanc said...

And here I was thinking she was just kidding with what she said in her blog....

GOod thing I don't watch T.V.


tori ohlerking said...
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