11 June 2007

my life

ok. i'm seriously adrenalized about this. i'm working on a trip to swaziland this august with the express purpose of capturing the stories of some of the children and workers that are involved at the children's cup carepoints in swaziland.

we are calling the project "my life." what we have realized over the past several months is just how many stories there are to be told and how little we've been able to really communicate those stories so far.

we are doing this project to give voice to the real-life, everyday human story of those who live in the world of an AIDS infection rate of 42%, extreme poverty, overworn resiliency and downright impossible odds.

we're hoping to have a crew of three of us to go and spend time shooting video, interviewing kids, going to the places they live, learning what they call life. the my life project will connect you in a fresh way to the real world of africa.

we still need to raise about $8000 more by july 1st to make this project work. if you are able and willing to help, just send me an email here or give online here and be sure to designate your gift to "the my life project."


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