21 May 2006

internet church

healing place church on the left (watoto choir singing) and lifechurch.tv on the right

this weekend i continued my investigation into the dynamics of setting up an internet campus for healing place church. i am continually seeing more and more how huge the potential is for "church in the internet." nothing will replace the total experience of being at a church like hpc or lifechurch.tv in person. but there are a lot of people who will check it out online before they come in person. and there are a lot of people who simply cannot physically attend on a given weekend. travel, work, sickness, family sickness, or even shut-ins. internet church changes all that. now there's just that many fewer reasons why someone would have to miss out on church.

sure, the goal is still to connect with people and that is best done in a live person-to-person scenario. but what a great way to open the door for a personal contact! and what a great way to help people stay connected when they have to be away.

i'm totally sold on the idea. i can't wait until we get our live webcast converted into a full-blown online church experience.


theinnerprocess said...

Dan, is it possible to get a RSS feed off of your blog as I do Dino's? Help!

Cajun Tiger said...

Count me in as one who can't wait!!!

FeatherIron said...

exciting and scary.