01 June 2006

i'm part of something much bigger than me

i just got this from dave van rensburg ("beano") who is part of the children's cup team in africa. he did the logistics and setup for the hope rwanda deal going on in... uh... well, you guessed it, rwanda.

anyway - i just read it and got the overwhelming sense that the ministry i get to be a part of and the God that is reaching through all of it - it is all sooooo much bigger than i am. and that's a great feeling. check this out:

Amahoro Stadium, Rwanda, Central Africa

What a privilege it was for Sharon and I to be standing in the Amahoro (translation of Amahoro is Peace) stadium on the final night of the crusade to witness thousands of people being filled with the Holy Spirit.

During the genocide (possibly the fastest rate of genocide in recorded history) this very stadium was the UN base where over 20 000 terrified, helpless and desperate men woman and children sought refuge. For over two months they had no food, no water, and no sanitation. They had absolutely no hope. Now, just over a decade later in this very stadium, people were standing with their hands held high and tears flowing down their cheeks witnessing God’s unconditional love.
What a mighty God we serve!

Keep well,

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