04 May 2006

buzz day one is almost over

buzz day 1 probably will be over by the time i get this posted. okay, so it was over closer to 9pm. we started at 9am and went pretty much non-stop to 9pm. long day, but full of good stuff. union station is really cool (imagine you church being in a mall/train station/borders/food court/theater) but ebenezer's is cool in a whole different way (a starbucks-has-nothing-on-this coffee shop with a downstairs church venue and offices upstairs and football on the roof).

today started off with a forum on doing church in theaters. i came out ready to start doing everything we do in the future in a theater. makes a lot of sense. i'm sure there's a lot more to consider than just whether it makes sense or not, but it sure seems smart.

then we went to union station for the main sessions - ed young jr. from fellowship was there in his own inimitable way. he did this impersonation of joel osteen trying to preach like td jakes. funnnnny. lots of great insights from his experience.

from there we went back to ebenezer's for a q&a with some of the staff. joel schmidgall was talking about how they do outreach and as he spoke, it was as if i was reminded just why it is that i really really like this guy. heather zempel (LSU grad was there, and then there was ncc's media pastor, dave clark - a singer, i just learned today. i'm impressed. and then there's david russell - newbie on staff, but what a win for ncc! he's "digital pastor" at ncc and he's one genius on the web as well as an "edge"-like guitartist.

after the panel did their q&a, we went into the film festival that hpc shoulda woulda coulda won - our guys are good enough to pull stuff together to win a thing like that. even with our line we've drawn to stay completely legal on our music copyright use stuff. but then again, the ones that did win were totally awesome. granger had one that was a review of a baptism service. really great concept (as well as technique and content). made me wanna go get baptized again. the other winner i really thought was impressive was sugar creek baptist. slamming stuff they turned in.

ok, ao now it's time to sleep. getting up early to roll over to the bloggers' breakfast deal - i think the gist of it is to meet the dudes (and dudettes) that are here whose blogs you've been reading but never met in person. pretty cool idea. i've already met for the first time a few: gary lamb, david russell, tony morgan, scott hodge, and heather zempel and i'm planning on finding a few others while i'm in there.

good job, ncc. all the hecticity is paying off! it is unignorable that you're making historicity.


FeatherIron said...

Dan, do you know of a good church in Findlay Ohio? Dean's only two brothers were arrested last week for selling Cocaine, now one onf them is trying to find a good church to go too.
Sounds like a neat conference your at. Sorry this is so off the subject but not really huh? :-)

Heather Z said...

Dan- Thanks so much for the positive comments. It was great getting to meet you in person. Love what you guys are doing and hope to visit your way sometime soon.