30 April 2006


check out the timestamp on this post.

ridiculous. this is a ridiculous time to be posting a blog. but then again, this is a ridiculous time to be up with nothing else to do. but wait - i've got a ridiculous reason for being in this ridiculous spot.

basically, i've been sitting here at my laptop at a little round table in my kitchen (which my wife did a great job designing to have a starbucks-in-the-house feel to it - yay vicki) since about 5:45am - had my cereal already and i'm just waiting to leave for church (gotta meet pastor dino at 7am).

why? i have no idea why, but it all gets back to having to reset the time on my alarm clock wrong and then being ignorant enough to just get up when the alarm went off and not wondering why it felt so early. shoot, 5am, 6am - they're both too early for me to distinguish between the two. so, i got up and took my normal prep time and went to check my time on my phone and, well, it all started coming to me - the reality that yes, i'm ready an hour early.


finally got some daylight coming in the window. guess i'll try to find something else to do. if i can't, brace yourself, i may be posting the long version of the story of my life last week. betcha can't wait for that one.

28 April 2006

what i was greeted with coming home thursday night

i love my life.

jd coming in from playing basketball - a daily gig with the neighbor kids

lincoln watching tom and jerry - a new favorite for him - actually laughing out loud by himself while watching.

lincoln's drawing of his new invention - he said it is "the color machine 6000" - it sucks up hats and turns them into markers

tori flailing and dodging the camera - the miracle that i actually was moving the camera at just the right speed and angle to synchronize with her motion - quite an amazing picture when you consider it all...

rhodes and rhett just being really really really cute

i love my life.

as for vicki - did you even think for a second that i was gonna get that shot? actually, she was over at her brother's house painting or cleaning up or something. brian and his family are moving into a place that we've all been helping remodel (ok, i've been there 2 or 3 times) - anyway - she wasn't here for the photo spree.

i still love my life.

27 April 2006

rod stewart - singing the standards in tongues?

rusty domingue was just in my office. he's already proven to be a little nutty, but i'm listening to rod stewart's great american songbook - singing the standards and rusty decides to start singing the tune with him, but rusty's singing, "lundeeee, sha ta ta.... deeee deeeee." then he looks at me and says, "can you imagine rod stewart full of the holy ghost singing his stuff in tongues?"

the man's a trip. bring it on. i'd actually love to hear rod stewart singing some of the old hymns for real.


hope rwanda: 100 days of hope

got this email from the children's cup team in africa. they've been working hard (especially ty's dad - "beano" van rensburg) to help make the "100 days of hope" in rwanda all come together. you can check out more about it here. joyce meyer, hillsong's brian and bobbie houston and mark and darlene zschech, delirious, and others are hodling some huge meetings/concerts in rwanda.

anyway - check out this report from beano:

Hi, Well Easter has come and gone.

The last of our containers shipped from India arrived Thursday afternoon. As it really is getting to ‘crunch’ time, we rallied about 140 volunteers (as expected, about 20 from the many churches we approached, and the rest from Elmer Komant’s church, the local PAOC missionary). Anyhow, these volunteers over the Easter weekend packed the 72 000 prison bags. That is 18 000 bags each day…nothing but incredible.

Today we start on the correction of ALL the promotion material. This means that all the huge bill boards around the city, the 300 church banner’s, 5000 posters and 25 000 fliers have to have a ‘band aid‘ stuck over the crusade venue location change. Covering up the word Nyamirambo stadium with Amahoro stadium.

Then, it’s just the usual everyday things that are now moving and gaining momentum very fast as the clock counts down. Today we start mobilizing the delivery of the prison bags to 19 different prisons scattered far and wide, also the balance of about 48 000 Samaritan’s Purse boxes out to the many, many different distribution sites ( schools, orphanages, hospitals etc)

Billboard change of location. There are 15 of these around the city.

Samaritan’s Purse boxes in our warehouse. We started with 120 000, now down to about 50 000 and still to deliver.

Part of the sound and stage equipment ready for the meetings.

Packing of the 72 000 prison hygiene bags.

Sample of SP boxes contents.

Packing of Prison bags.

Loading of both SP and Prison boxes for distribution.

please pray that this event will have a long and lasting impact for the Gospel in africa.

from the mind of jason ryder

i heard this quote a few minutes ago from a message jason ryder (one of hpc's worship leaders) spoke at latenite recently....

"if you can't find a place to get involved in this church, the problem is you."

i think it is so true around here. there's so much going on - so many ways to be a part of an outreach or serving somewhere at hpc. it's like every night and every weekend - there's always something you can jump in on and help.

if you're not connected, don't blame anyone but yourself. better yet, stop blaming anything and just get up and start getting involved.

26 April 2006

three great questions to ask yourself

i was just looking through (thanks, joan!) a transcript we just posted from the first part of the recent iLife series dino rizzo spoke at healing place church. at the end he asks three questions i want to keep in front of myself all the time:

When was the last time you had an uncivilized experience with God?
When was the last time you took a bold stand for Jesus Christ?
When was the last time you took a faith risk?

made me think. i don't ever want to have to look a long ways back over my shoulder to remember a time i had an uncivilized experience with God or took a stand for him or took a risk of faith.

i've got a new favorite book

usually my favorite book is the one i'm currently reading. but this time it goes a little deeper than that.

some friends of mine (former next-door neighbors here in baton rouge) moved to oklahoma (had to be for a job change - why else would you leave louisiana to go to oklahoma? maybe i should ask the "nok" hornets...) - i'm digressing.

anyway, sindy and gary started going to what is possibly the second-coolest church on the planet, lifechurch.tv. i've got a lot of respect for what they do, but even more for the heart behind it all.

the pastor, craig groeschel, just released a new book, "chazown" - from multnomah publishing - very very cool look to the book, and as i read it, i'm more and more convinced that the packaging of the book, as cool as it is, is secondary to the content.

go get your own. it's worth the 19.99 - hopefully it won't cost you a neighbor moving up there like it did me. thanks gary and sindy (and stone and shawn). the perfect gift.

live from franks - a blessed life study

this morning we wrapped up the 10-week study on psalm 112 at frank's with the men of hpc. dino taught on verse 10. here's my notes - again, they're just the rough and raw version.

i was blown away at how many men stood to say they'd made it to all 10 weeks of the study. what a commitment! i think i only made half of them. 10 weeks in a row doing much of anything is an accomplishment for any man. so we gave them a little gift and recognized them for their faithfulness.

i'm looking forward to the next 10-week series starting june 7 - calling it "what a man wants." and what's cool is that in the gap between now and then, donnie musso is doing a 5-week study for the men who just gotta get up for a 6am meeting.

check out the notes from this morning. they'll encourage you.

25 April 2006

check out the new look on www.dinorizzo.com

slammin' new look for www.dinorizzo.com. david song went over-the-top on this gig. nice design, dude.

lots of new functionality. lots more links. lots more getting inside the mind and heart of dino rizzo - an interesting place to visit to say the least.

plus there's a bunch of photo galleries - most of the pics are heretofore unpublished, including pics from his trip last summer to mozambique to children's cup's operations there (my personal favorite gallery).

check it out - drop a comment while you're there. and go holler at david while you're at it.

(that's right, i used the word "heretofore" in a blog. shouldn't be legal to use dork language in a blog, but it's not illegal, and it just seemed to fit. i'm okay with it, so you should be, too.)

19 April 2006

news from healingplace_amazon

here's a new update just in from my good friend isaac williams - from the brazilian side of healing place church.

Once again we have returned from a visit to the churches in the interior. The trip was great. When we arrived at Alligator Lake, we decided to go to town on the speedboat and buy some supplies. So we bought our supplies and were ready to head back. The engine would not start though. We made it all the way to town but when it was time to go back the engine died and we could not find the problem. Night came and we had nowhere to stay. We bought two more paddles and began our long trip back. Thank God we had to go downstream. We paddled for five ours in the middle of the night. So, it was a good start to our trip.

We stayed mostly at Alligator Lake. We are building a base there where we can take in missions teams and have a place to stay when we go there. From there we can reach the other villages which are close by. But, building something like this is not an easy task. We are getting all the lumber from the area so each piece of wood is cut by chainsaw. Then it needs to be carried out of the jungle to the building site. Make a long story short, it is not an easy task.

After a few days at Alligator Lake we took a trip to an outreach called New Village. The family there is doing well. We have plans of building a church there also. This village is really hard to get to. During the dry season it can only be reached by land after a 40 minute walk, but during the rainy season, we can go all the way in but it's still not easy. We held service there and encouraged the fellow believers.

We also took a trip to Swamp Lake. They have been having morning services there. It is the only one of the four churches that has morning service. It has been working out great. We have almost all the material to build the church building there. Soon they will have a place to meet in. Until then, they have been meeting at a house.

Since the speedboat broke down, we were not able to visit Peace Village and Joy Village. Please keep each of these churches in your prayers. Pray that they will be fully committed to Christ and that they will share with others what God has done in their lives. We thank you for your prayers and support.

keep these guys in your prayers. as you can tell, they're out there doing whatever it takes to "go everywhere and tell everybody."

going to peru with my daughter

okay - you'll be seeing a lot more about this over the next several weeks in this blog, but i'm excited to announce that i'm going to be helping a missions team my daughter tori is going with from refuge (the high school ministry of healing place church) to peru to work with camino de vida (robert barriger's church) and their orphanages and other outreaches to the poor and hurting.

here's the letter tori's sending out about it:

Healing Place Church’s student ministry, Refuge, is going to Peru this summer.

My dad and I are part of a team that will be in Lima from July 16 through July 24, working with Jordan Durso and the minstry at Camino de Vida (Robert Barriger’s church).

Some of the ministry opportunities we’ll have will be visiting children’s homes and shelters for abused women, doing street evangelism, and helping serve at a soup kitchen.

My family has been a part of missions enough to understand that there are two things that we need to make this trip what it needs to be. First we’ll need a ton of prayer support. Your prayer will open the doors for us to show God’s love to hurting people.

We also need financial support. The cost of the trip is $2,000 per person, so we need to raise $4,000 (the first part of it is due April 30).

Please keep us in your prayers, and if you are able to help with the financial support, here’s how:

You can give online through the Childrens’ Cup’s website, www.childrenscup.org and select "Tori Ohlerking - Peru" in the designation box.
You can send a check payable to: Children’s Cup, P.O. Box 400, Prairieville, LA 70769 - be sure to designate your check for “Tori Ohlerking - Peru.”

Thank you for helping me be a part of this missions trip.

tori's fifteen and she's been to africa with us as a family a few times, but this will bring a lot of new challenges for her (and me). she's got to raise her own support for the trip. and $2000 per person is not a small enough amount that we can just write a check if we don't raise the funds. so there's a lot of growing in faith that we'll both be doing. but God's not short on ways to fund the project. If He's sending us, He's got the resources ready to make the way.

i do want to ask all of you (whether you can help financially or not) to pray for us starting today. pray that we'll be ready to do the absolute most we can for the people in peru that we encounter. pray that the funds will be there when they need to be. pray that we have safe travel and stay healthy while we're there. and pray for the rest of our family while we're away.

your prayers are the greatest support we could ask you for.

thanks! we'll keep you up to date on developments as they happen.

time to shut it down...

way too often this is where i'm at at this time of night. at the little coffeehouse-looking table in our kitchen with the tv on disney cuz that's where the kids left it. everyone's upstairs asleep. the diet coke in that can is getting warm. my cell phone is warning me its battery is low. my feet are frozen cuz someone turned the a/c too low and i'm too lazy to go fix it. i've had that "just one more little thing to finish then i'll quit" going on for the past hour.

now it is true that it is a great time and place to get stuff done - no interruptions to speak of. but too many late nighters in a row tend to steal more from me than they used to. i guess i'm getting old. nah - maybe it's the hardwood cushion-less chairs under my behind. after about 4 hours they really start to numb the bum.

but i'm not gonna start complaining. life's too great. and i'm too blessed to seriously whine about stuff.

plus maybe if i didn't spend the time to write useless posts like this in my blog, i might get to sleep an extra 15 min or so.

what an epiphany!


video of easter at the river center

the video of hpc's easter at the river center is up on the hpc website - check it out....

what a great day - all for God's glory.

18 April 2006

blake prudhomme - 2 for 2

only two posts so far in his new blog, but my friend blake prudhomme has two posts that let me know it's gonna be a good blog. what i love is how what he's talking about is stuff that oozes what hpc is about and it shows how much he's caught the heart here.

check it out - leave him a comment - encourage a budding young blogger.

is all the tech stuff worth it?

a few days ago dino rizzo shared this email with me that he got. if you ever wondered if the internet and the video cameras and sound systems and all the computers were worthwhile tools for ministry, this oughtta help clear it up.

I am writing you just outside Detroit Michigan. Not long ago a close friend of mine moved down to Louisana for a new job in Baton Rouge. He has left his friends and family for a new beginning. We talk just about every other day since he has been there. He has been seeking God and asked me to somehow find a church for him to attend much like the one my wife and I attend here in Michigan. After some searching via the internet I came across HPC and have been downloading your talks for sometime now. Three weeks ago my friend attended HPC for the first time and has been going ever since. I myself have been listening every Sunday after I get home from church, and we talk about your message. His family is coming to visit him over Easter, and your talk on courage has influenced him to ask his family to join him at the River Center on Sunday. I just wanted to let you know how God is using HPC though the internet all the way up here in Michigan. Thank you and your staff for your commitment to Christ. I look forward to visiting HPC sometime in the near future.

this past sunday (easter) we had 76 people "attend" healing place church via the live webcast. i can't wait to get the internet campus up and running. it is so worth it.

16 April 2006

easter at the river center: when all is said and done...

what a day. what a week. for some of the team, what a few months.

for me, it was different than any other big hpc thing i've been a part of in my 11 years of being here. i've always been heavily involved in making it all come together, working the tech stuff, coordinating designs, communications, etc. and i loved it every time. this time around, lance leblanc was the general - he took over the creative team at hpc about 18 months ago when pastor dino rizzo pulled me onto his team to work with him on research, writing and message prep (as well as whatever else).

anyway - lance has been doing a slamming job with things the whole way but this was a huge undertaking and he and the team around him pulled off some great stuff tech-wise, some great designs and some really cool production elements. but the coolest thing about it i saw today in him was what i knew was behind all of it for him. in the green room just after service, we prayed (pastor dino, mike haman, earl rentz, jeffrey rentz, lance and a few others). when we were done praying, i could just see it in lance's face - tears - but more than just tears, an honest-to-goodness grateful heart for what God had just done.

i think that's what made this day so great for us. it wasn't about us. it was about Jesus Christ - and about what He did in people's hearts today. just before we prayed that prayer in the green room, pastor dino was spilling over with thankfulness, and he told us how he had felt God's spirit take things up a notch a couple times as he had preached. one in particular was during the altar call - when he had the choice to ease up and kinda just let the service end or to throttle it up and really cast out the net to encourage people to come to Jesus. as he told us about it, i remembered the 150+ altar response cards i'd just seen perry morrow holding and i thought about how there are at least 150 people who right now are glad the Holy Spirit notched it up.

and when you think about the families those 150 people represent... the children, the brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers of those who prayed a prayer today to give their lives to Christ - what a huge impact.

i'm so glad for the 7,000 people who came today. but the real reward is in those 150 cards representing changed lives.

if there is any regret for me today it was that my family wasn't able to be with me. tori came with me early, but the twins (rhett and rhodes) have both been sick this week - i mean sick like there's no more clean rags around because we've cleaned up more vomit than we have rags to keep up with. and it's been like they've been on a mission to drain our supply of diapers - going through them at a record pace. i'll leave the details to your imaginations - there's no way you'll overestimate the nasty.

anyway - so the twins were sick, jd was sick friday night and still kinda off-kilter all day saturday. and just this evening, lincoln finally got sick enough (he's been feeling queasy for a few days now) to hurl.

nice easter topic, huh?

well, it's what easter was for us. you're getting the whole picture. the good news is that the twins have gone about 5 hours now without a hurl, and lincoln is sleeping well.

so, when all is said and done, i'm thankful for my family. especially for my wife who is such an incredible mother for our five kids. and for tori, jd, lincoln, rhodes and rhett - the five best kids any dad anywhere ever had.

and i'm thankful for my friends - especially my best friend and pastor, dino rizzo. and my family both here in baton rouge and all over the world - in swaziland and iowa and texas.

thank you, Lord, for blessing me so much. thank you for loving me and for putting me where i am. i love this church.

altar call

right now there are tons of people at the altar at the river center - giving their lives to Christ. eternities being changed right now.

thank you, Lord.

more pics from pre-service

here's something you don't see every day. bro. wayne getting make-up.

sweet tie. another rarity (dino rizzo in a tie) - but looking nice.

left to right - mimi, mrs. dee, delynn, and candace - three generations of great ladies.

one last check...

pseudo-live blogging from easter at the river center

just before service...

robert conti doing one of the many things he does so well - shooting great pics.

charles and kristen at their last stateside easter (at least for a while).

andrew doing what he does so well - looking good.

david, david, david. sometimes you just gotta pause and let someone capture your mug.

bo and chris - making it all sound right and look right and fit all together.

lance giving a final preservice update to pastor dino - feelin' good. and lookin' good, lance.

now we're rollin'....

preservice update

getting close to the start. here's some pics from the scene around the river center just about an hour before the start.

having a little trouble with the stage-left screen projector. actually a lot of trouble. argh.

worship team warming up...

we've even got protesters outside to complete the feel. pray for them. there's gotta be a better place they could be on easter sunday morning. i'm sure they are trying to do what they think is best, but....

anyway, pastor dino says he's feelin' great - ready to roll. "i wish it was 10:00 now." the nurseries are filling up - and they're huge. the kids' room is looking great.

countdown clock is at 35 minutes now. we're just tweaking stuff, waiting and praying God does all He wants to do through us and in us today....

15 April 2006

river center 6pm update

moving right along....

sound check about to begin.

gettin' ready for easter

here's what the river center looked like around 10am today. the last time i was in the river center it was for a joyce meyer meeting (which was pretty slammin' by the way - got to sit in the tv control room) (thanks, david). the time before that, it was for a circus.

today really feels like we're getting ready for a rock concert flow when you watch the riggers hooking up the truss and all. but then it has a classy conference feel when you see the signage and the hosting setup. it has a circus flow at least today when you see the volunteers all thoroughly enjoying working really hard to make it come together - lots of fun as we worked.

but the biggie is that it has a real "hpc" feel - like it isn't going to be really any different than a normal hpc service (whatever that is) but just in a bigger room with everyone together and hopefully a lot more guests.

a couple times this morning, i passed a huge group of ushers/greeters checking the place out this morning and let me tell you - those guys were looking good. happy, excited, buzzing about helping people. the kids room is huge - gonna be awesome. the nurseries are first-class. it's really gonna be great.

anyway - all this to say - i'm ready for tomorrow to get here. it's gonna be great.

if you're in the baton rouge area, i hope to see you at the river center. if you're not, i hope you have a great easter wherever you are. we're planning on being live on the web like usual, so if you don't have a place to go, check us out around 10:30am.

happy easter!

12 April 2006

dino rizzo on relevantmag.com

relevant magazine has an article up on their website that dino rizzo wrote. pretty cool, huh? brian orme made the hookup on it - thank you thank you.

the article is pretty cool - says what dino always says about giving and helping people in need - it is worth the risk. it is worth doing because that's when we get to do something for God directly.

check it out. drop a comment in there while you're there. let 'em know you're reading.

11 April 2006

wonder of the world

it's out and ready. the new cd/dvd worship combo from healing place music.

check it out.

hpc mobile medical clinic update

just got this update from cheri leblanc about how the new mobile medical clinic was used in march. i thought you might want to celebrate with us what God is doing already with this new tool for bringing healing to a hurting world:

What an incredible month we had doing the work of the Lord! We had our volunteer meeting on March 5th with 55 people interested in helping us with this outreach. We now have an occupational therapist that is helping us with every clinic. So, the numbers of patient encounters also includes the patients that he is seeing. Another way we are showing the love of Christ with one-on-one hands-on encounters. Other resources include a pediatrician to help in the Spanish community and 2 nurse practitioners. We also have a dietician/diabetic nurse educator that will start volunteering in April - WOW!

The mobile clinic saw 109 patients in March in 6 different clinics. We had 75 volunteer experiences! And this was just our first month of getting into a schedule! It is such a blessing to us to be a blessing to others. These encounters include the patient seeing the receptionist, greeter, nurse, doctor or NP or therapist, and a prayer partner. That is a minimum of 4 people that get to interact with every patient seen. Here are some comments from some of our volunteers:

Joshua (RN) - Healing Hands ministry is a wonderful ministry tool, as it allows not only for physical needs to be met, but also spiritual. The patience and gratitude of the people served is heart warming and makes me strive to be a better representative of Christ.

Suzanne - "I have showed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" (Acts 20:35) The experiences that I have had with Healing Hands have truly been a blessing to me. I am on the prayer team and have seen so many answered prayers in regard to peoples' health and family lives. It is such a privilege to talk with them and pray with them about the issues they are facing and to see how they respond to the love and care they are given. It seems almost that coming to the clinic is a social experience for them as well. They sit and talk with friends as they wait for their appointments and we have developed personal relationships with them from talking with them and praying for them after they are seen. The Healing Hands Mobile Clinic is most certainly a gift from God for these precious people and it is a blessing and a privilege to be involved.

Gayle -
What a blessing to be able to serve with Healing Hands Ministry!!!! God is sooooooo good. Over and over we hear thankfulness that someone cares enough to sacrifice the time and energy to help them at no cost to them and they are most grateful! Regarding those that return (and there are many), we get to hear praise reports of their healing and that prayer works. They see the love of God being poured into their lives and they are given hope. Actually, the blessings come back to us ˆ to see God at work in their lives, and experience the smiles on their faces when the victories come is absolutely awesome... and God gets all the glory!

Thank you again for your prayers and support. We will update you again in a month. We will be seeing patients in the Evacuee Trailer Communities starting in the next couple of weeks. Please contact me if you have any questions.

His servant, Cheri

cool, huh? praise God i get to be a part of a church that God has entrusted stuff like this to.

08 April 2006

good news from swaziland!

check out dad's blog - he just posted an update about his leg.

thanks to all of you who prayed for him.

07 April 2006

series on paul - looking for good ideas...

we're thinking about doing a series later this year at hpc on the life of paul. we want to connect the life of paul to the need for people to get involved - volunteerism, giving our time and our talents to the work of the local church. originally we were going to do our own version of "living beyond myself" (a la seacoast) but as we've prayed and delved deeper into what we need to communicate, we've turned more to a thought of using paul as a basis for teaching people about being involved in the ministry of the local church.

so - anyone got anything good along those lines to share or point me to?

"for them" - notes from yesterday's hpc staff meeting

here's a link to my notes from staff meeting yesterday during dino rizzo's teaching.

as usual, they're just the rough notes i typed while he was teaching - don't expect much from the note-taking but expect a lot from the message. it was really really great. key to how we define who we are here.

adam hymel on possessions

just got this thought from my friend adam hymel...

"...so often we tend to love things and use people. In fact, it should be just the opposite. As leaders, lets focus on using things and loving people and avoid the lie that our possessions define us. Instead, lets be empowered by them to love and serve others."

that sums up a lot of how i'm trying to live life lately. well put, adam.

04 April 2006

a prayer request...

just had an IM conversation with my mom ("meemaw") who is in swaziland right now. i posted a couple days ago about a wreck they had. my dad is a diabetic, so wounds aren't healing as they would for a normal healthy person. God spared their lives for sure in the wreck - but now i'm asking for prayer for him - check out what mom just told me:

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:30:30 PM)
what are you doing still up?

meemaw says: (4:30:32 PM)
your dad got a cut on his leg in the wreck

meemaw says: (4:30:46 PM)
and it's now very very very angry

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:31:02 PM)
y'all gonna come home to get it taken care of?

meemaw says: (4:31:07 PM)
teresa went to the chemist and got some powerful salve and some oral antibiotics

meemaw says: (4:31:27 PM)
so pray that it takes care of it.

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:32:00 PM)
we will for sure. we're fasting here at home for the upcoming easter service - i'll add dad's leg to my prayer list for this fast.

meemaw says: (4:32:18 PM)
thanks danny.

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:32:46 PM)
please please keep us posted on it.

meemaw says: (4:33:29 PM)
if it gets worse we may see a doc in nelspruit

meemaw says: (4:33:59 PM)
worst scenario is he could lose a leg!

meemaw says: (4:34:51 PM)
thanks dan.

meemaw says: (4:34:58 PM)
hug your kids for me.

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:35:07 PM)
i love you ma. hug my dad for me

meemaw says: (4:35:18 PM)
will do. bye

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:35:22 PM)

not easy to think about, but i also know my God is bigger than this infection, and the same God that protected them in the wreck can heal not just his leg, but the diabetes as well. thanks for praying with me.

terry storch

terry storch interviewed dino rizzo and posted the interview in a podcast at bloggingchurch.com. i think it'd be cool if terry got like a billion comments on this post - check out the podcast then leave a comment while you're there.

if you aren't already a subscriber to the blogging church podcast, this is one podcast that's really worthwhile to subscribe to (plus, it's free and painless).

terry - thanks for hooking up dino with the interview and all the "link love" (a term i learned from you) for hpc on the show notes.