30 May 2006

brazil recap

i know it's a couple weeks late, but check out thie report from our elevate team that went to brazil earlier this month:

people came by canoe to the little church building on the river - no parking lot needed - just a place to tie off

healingplace_brazil - one of the campuses deep into the heart of the amazon

baptizing new believers in the amazon

Hey everyone,

I want to first thank everyone for their prayers and support for us in the preparation for the Brazil mission trip and the trip itself. Every moment of preparation was worth the life changing experience of the first ever full time mission trip to Brazil. We were able to serve two of the six HPC locations in Brazil. We were able to help build onto one of the locations in the interior (located 17 hours down the Amazon River by boat) and begin digging a well. The pastor there has built a beautiful church on the Amazon out of brick by hand. We also were able to host two worship services and two kids clubs in the interior. It was definitely worship HPC style- they same all the same songs just in Portuguese- this was one of our favorite parts. Lauren led One Way in English while their worship leader led in Portuguese. Language was not a barrier when we worshipped together. We were able to see 10 first time salvations and 10 people get baptized in the Amazon River.

In Manaus we were able to be apart of two services. The people there were so blessed to have the “Americans” come visit from HPC in the states. We got both campuses to say, “Jesus is here and anything can happen” to the video camera in Portuguese- they already knew the saying. We experienced first hand that when Jesus is here anything can happen- and that, that anything can be anything (losing luggage, getting sick, etc.) but that God can still receive glory and that we can stand through the fire- be prosperous and successful. It is all about perspective.

Everything we went through truly was a blessing in disguise- starting with not getting out luggage until after nine days. See God knew we could not carry that luggage (literally) to the places He brought us for those nine days- it was perfect. We all learned that we don’t need as much as we think we need. It would take forever to put into words all that God did through us and in us on the trip- it was just incredible.

Thank you for believing in us, praying for us, and supporting us. We just thank God for Pastor Dino and Delynn’s heart to be a healing place for a hurting world- b/c healing is occurring in the hurting hearts of those of Brazil. God is amazing!!!!! Thank you.

Michelle Gros

pretty cool stuff, huh? i love this church.

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