25 May 2006

what was up with meatloaf last night?

that whole song with meatloaf and katharine was just plain goofy. sorry - i'm not a big blogwhiner, but i just didn't get it. we watched it back several times on the dvr but it just got goofier every time. i'd love to hear what simon would have had to say about meat's performance.....

but the highlight of the night for me was ol' boy's reaction to clay aiken walking up behind him. that's why i have a dvr. rewind. rewind. rewind. my sides ached.

congrats, taylor.


FeatherIron said...

I missed Clay last night, E said his hair was black?

Did you see my blog entry about Elliot? That was the best part too me, him and Mary J, I love that song too. But Like I said, I didn't watch all of the first hour and I only watched the second hour while commercials were on for Lost.

Meatloaf was just weird! His voice sounded really bad. Ever duet I heard sounded "off" like they just didn't get to practice much exept Elliots But I didn't hear Taylors, who did he sing with?

I'm so glad Taylor one over Katherine but Chris should have won. I really think Elliot, Chris and even Ace will do good in music. But I also think Buckey will really do well in Country. As far as the women, I ws unimpressed by all of them the entire season. Katherine is broadway and I think she could do great there but the others are so generic to me.

Stacie said...

The Clay look alike was classic. We had a 30 minute instant replay from everyone in the house. It just got funnier and funnier. Meatloaf was scaring me. You should have heard the discussion trying to explain to the kids who he is and why he might have been there. I thought Katherine did a decent job of covering up his freaky voice. What in the world was she thinking when she chose him to sing with?????

byron said...

i agree about the clay aiken thing. i rolled in the floor laughing for a while and then watched it again. his reaction was priceless. i think meatloaf was high or drunk, or possibly both, it was terrible.

Heath Hiatt said...

The Clay stuff was awesome!!! This was one of the best results shows to date. And man was Meatloaf oggling over Katherine or what. I like that she only looked at him about 3 times. He was already creepy in my book before this show. Now he's "I'm way to old for this kinda thing" creepy.

Hey Dan, our church (church of the heartland) does a ton of stuff in Uganda (started a Bible College, have a ministers network of about 100 pastors etc.) I go at least once a year, and would love to hear what all you are doing in that area.


FeatherIron said...

I am not even remotley exagerating when I say that my heart skips a beat everytime I hear or read the word Uganda. I know God put that country on my heart and most of all the children of Uganda. I want so badly to adopt a child from there or Swazilan but it just doesn't happen from what I hear. I was so.." I have to do something, I have to do something" and I heard that little reminder.."you pledeged to 'do something' two years ago and haven't". It was God speaking about my pledge to support Ben and Susan financially, which I had not done at all! I realized then that first I had made a promise to God that I had not kept, and second If I so wanted to help Orphans in Africa that was the way He would have me to do it now. Ben and Susan are saving the lives of Orphans. I now keep my pledge and every time I send a check, I do it in faith because we really don't have the money but I have never out given God, never! He provides everytime. I'm so gonna chase a rabbit here but one example is I wrote a check to Ben and Susan, E (my daughter) wanted to go to kids camp and we couldn't afford it, someone payed for her to go and took her shopping to get "Camp stuff"!! He proves himself to me over and over and I love when I can say "see Evangeline, God will never leave us or fosake us, He will provide, always!" I learned that from my grandmother, I wish I walked in it all the time but I am so glad that I can help Orphans, a population of this world that is so dear to me, through Ben and Susan and Childrens Cup. Thank God for them. Ok, sorry I took off like that :-)