21 May 2006

church shooting here in baton rouge

wow. our police chief here in baton rouge put it right, i think. chief leduff said this is one of the worst days ever in baton rouge. a man walked into a church and started shooting this morning, killing several and putting others in the hospital in critical condition. our police were able to apprehend the shooter but only after he'd killed his wife at a nearby apartment complex. (here's the news on it.)

there's a lot of people who've seen stuff today that no one should have to see. they've lost loved ones in a way that no one should ever have to lose loved ones. families are hurting. a church congregation is hurting. honestly, our community is hurting. again.

i know this much, though. the same God that brought us through the loss of terry melancon and then a week later through hurricane katrina - He's still the same God today and He'll strengthen hurting hearts again. i truly believe that if the church (as a whole) isn't there to show God's love and grace to people during times like this then we are missing the whole point of why we exist.

please pray for baton rouge.

and pray for the church in baton rouge - that we'll recognize it when God opens a way for us to show His love to others in our community who are hurting.


joyce said...

We LOVE Chief LeDuff........he is AWESOME! We pray, God bless that man for the terrible things he has to see and endure on a daily basis.
Everyone please pray for him. He needs wisdom and discernment ALL the time. His job must be SO overwhelming at times, especially on days like this one.

Jean Ohlerking said...

we pray for the family--especially those children who were witnesses to all that.

and we pray for the church--that God makes this horrible day turn into something good. Only He can do that.

Jamie said...

Wow... You just never know when it could be your last moment. Baton Rouge will feel this loss for a long time. I am grateful that we have officers like Chief LeDuff protecting us. He truly is a great man.

Joel Dyke said...

I just sat down and caught up on your last few posts. Good stuff. By the way, where are you guys going in Mexico? You know we were there for 10 years as missionaries.
Keep up the good work.