07 May 2006

glad to be home, photography, and buffer-duels

i loved the trip to d.c. i think my last three posts will bear that out. but man, it's good to me home.

one more thing about the buzz conf. my fuzzy pic of brad abare made the church marketing sucks website (take that, all you great photo-artists out there).

this morning i'm doing an interesting experiment - at 10am i joined into the lifechurch.tv internet campus, and at 10:30 i rolled into the hpc live webcast in another window. i'm pioneering a more-than-new trend. the new things are live church on the web, and multi-site church. well, today i'm doing multi-site in a way i doubt many have been goofy enough to really try. actually it's not working so well. i'm finding that i'll hear craig speak for a little bit then dino will take over and the lifechurch.tv window buffers a little while. then dino freezes and the hpc window starts buffering and craig starts coming through. i'm guessing dual live church online isn't something my bandwidth here is gonna support. sigh.

i've got a lot to say about the potential for internet campus as a tool for churches to reach out. but i'll save it for when i can say it and not just ramble about it. suffice for now to say i love it.

so for now - i'm heading back to the live buffer-duelling dual webcasts....


David said...

Yeah, you've hit the big times with your photo on CMS. And I tried the same thing you did last weekend... I had 5 internet "campuses" open... fun times ... but I was at the office so I got close to no buffering.

jh said...

so good to meet you in dc man- thanks for the shout out in your last post-
hope to keep connecting through the blogisphere and maybe someday in the bayou...