17 May 2006

waiting for a cd to burn and a double-overtime game to finally end

i need to go to bed, but i'm waiting for a cd to burn and i'm glued to the now double-overtime game 5 between the suns and the clippers. (pulling for the suns.)

while i've been sitting here i've been thinking about some of the less important things i tend to never really write about in my blog. like this:

why did chris get voted off american idol last week?

why do i even care, really?

i love the new gatorade ad with the star athletes with tiny little bodies but big heads.

i also like the new identity theft ad with the weightlifter dude talking with a weird girl voice.

why can't shaquille shoot free throws?

why does watching shawn marion roll his ankle make my legs hurt - not my ankle, but my leg?

i also love the ad where the basketball court is a swimming pool and the guy hangs from the rim and drops into the water.

how did i ever make it without a cell phone before?

why did i spend so many years hating macs?

why don't they have microsoft access for macs?

where's the walmart for people who live in washington d.c. and walk everywhere they go?

why am i sitting here at 1am asking these questions?

why are you still reading this post, whatever time it is that you're reading?

ok - i promise not to post like this much. but sometimes, you've just gotta clear the shelf of all those probably-unanswerable questions.

thanks for enduring my ramble.


topher said...

well the good news is if that CD is done you can go to bed!

Cajun Tiger said...

I definitely concur with the WalMart question. Not only is there not one in walking distance. There is barely one in driving distance.

The nearest WalMart to downtown DC is about an hour drive, but that is just a plain jane WalMart. The nearest SuperWalMart is over 2 hours away.

It just ain't right!!! =)

FeatherIron said...

Because Walmart is the downfall of America! (Just kidding kinda:-0 )

Christ getting voted off is because people like me got lazy and didn't vote, we thought he was jsut a shoe in. I voted for Taylor and Elliot last night. I know Elliot wont win or should but I really don't care for Katherine. Elliot has diabetes so we love him for that and he seems very kind and sweet. I love Taylor but he was # 2 not # 1. He better win out of theses three.He's a trip, I loved "you are so beautiful" last night.

FeatherIron said...

i meant "Chris" not "Christ". Must have Jesus on the brain ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I anticipate each of your new posts: I never know what blessing I'm going to receive; either a deep spiritual message or just a much-needed giggle. Either way keep on rambling--I need it!

Phillip LeBlanc said...

I can answer at least one of your questions...

"why did i spend so many years hating macs?"

because you are a pc guy (like me) who refuses to believe anything else is better... microsoft 4tw!

I can see having a mac laptop.... but I don't think I could manage with a mac desktop... i need Windows to stay sane... I'm sure chris craft would disagree :p


Stephanie said...

HAHAHA You know......I have some of those same questions.

That was a much needed post! =)

jh said...

there is no wal-mart in dc cuz me and my friends have lifted up enough prayers of intercession to keep the evil out :)

sorry, not a fan, obviously


Dan Ohlerking said...

hasler - you may have the most legitimate answer to the walmart question. sort of a "who needs 'em anyway?"

i did get this from a friend of mine who asked his sister about it (she lives in d.c. - here's her answer:

"Last time I was in a WalMart I was in Louisiana. I don't think there is one in the District, although I think I heard they might build a super center in SE. I do go to target on occasion with friends who drive. I get my groceries delivered."

now this poses an even tougher question: what does it feel like to never go to the store? just sit there and wait for a delivery of groceries? i don't think i could do it. i mean, i'm a target or walmart nearly every day (okay, that's just stupid, i know - we need to plan a little more). but, really, what does it feel like to just have groceries delivered? do they squeeze the loaf of bread for you? do they make sure the milk bottle isn't one that has dried spilled milk all over it? do they check the egg carton for funky-looking eggs? these are things i'd have to know before i could leave the shopping to someone i don't know.

weird to imagine.

jh said...

there are obviously many sides to the wal-mart debate...
biggest argument for is usually job creation and cheap goods for middle class or lower folks...

however, i think those two things can be achieved without creating one of the worst domestic labor records in the country- having basic disregard for flourishing local businesses and taking part in the outsourcing of production to primarily sweatshop based factory environments. wal-mart perpetuates the "lazification of america by continuing to provide them with goods at cheap prices, thereby passifying them and keeping them from digging a little deeper to focus on moral values"

now i understand that wal-mart is just taking advantage of a legitimate business opportunity within a capitalistic system that we have created- however, with the sphere of influence, power and finances that they have- they have the ability to stand as a symbol of integrity- yet they fail miserably on most accounts.

i doubt sam walton had sweatshop labor, unpaid overtime, and the systematic destruction of local business in mind, when he created a retail store for the hard-working american...

ok, my 2 cents.

ps. this is a very simplistic overview of arguments- trimmed for blog comment space ;)