09 May 2006

ever had one of those meetings?

i took this picture in a meeting i was in today with dino rizzo, marc cleary and johnny green. about five minutes into it i had this overwhelming sense that what we were about to experience was something terribly significant. i even said as much (although at that point, it seemed a little awkward).

i've been mulling (that's a legal thing to do) some thoughts on mission/outreach lately, and i'm planning on sorting out some of those thoughts and writing about it later. i don't want to write it now and only get the thought half-developed and end up blowing it. suffice for now to say that a host of thought has been running through my heart and mind lately about it.

so dino starts talking about mission/outreach and who we are at hpc and why we do what we do. now he does that a lot, that's certain. but this time he was talking about it with the same sort of twist that has been stirring in me the last few weeks. i got on IM during the meeting and told vicki how i was in this "moment" where i knew God was starting a significant something or other. i couldn't see through the tears to type for a few minutes. not like i always go into meetings with dino and cry through them, but man, i'm telling you this one got me.

i know this day will be a day i'll look back on for the rest of my life as the day that some of the way we do things in the future began. this was huge.

i'll write about it soon. got some work to do now. there's a great report from rwanda that my dad just wrote that i get to lay out for the next children's cup magazine.


aimee' said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of this blog.....

byron said...

glad to hear that there is something stirring. i can't wait to hear what is coming down the line for you guys.

i'll be lurking around here checking in from time to time

peace out
(your fellow dc trekker)

Edro said...

Can't wait to hear more. You7 da man.

Colleen said...

Can't wait to hear the details. I am always excited for what's behind the next door at HPC!