21 May 2006


okay, i'm way behind in posting about the missions trip plans for this summer with my daughter tori. originally we were going to go to peru, but we switched to mexico. still going in late july, but now it is destination: mexico.

we've already gotten enough support financially to cover the cost for both of us (thank you, Jesus - and thanks to all of you who helped with that). ironically, all of the support we received was from americans living overseas who read our blogs. (i know what you're thinking - but only one was family.)

we had a training day yesterday - the first time we had really gotten together like that. my job on the trip is primarily photographer, videographer, and writer. (chaperone is somewhere on the list, too.) anyway, in line with my role, i shot some pics and stuff yesterday (some thought i was just avoiding doing the choreographed signing to the song, but i really was just doing my job).

i started a team blog for the mexico team - check it out here. it's a great place to keep checking back for info about what the team is doing and how you can be praying.

i'm totally convinced that the greatest need this team has is prayer. it seems to be a great bunch of kids and a few really cool adult leaders (like danny musso, to name just one). i've been involved in missions enough to know that having a strong, serious prayer base back at home is vital. fundraising, team coordination, logistics, etc. are all important, and have to be done well. but building a strong prayer base is the ultimate need.

so, i'd love to ask you to enlist as a prayer team. all it takes is a commitment to begin praying for this team - about 10 weeks of praying for us and we'll be sure to communicate to you about the prayer needs we have and the "wins" we experience. if you want to enlist to be part of the prayer base for this team, just leave a comment here saying so. that's it. no meetings to attend, no pressure, no fees, no tests to take. just comment and start praying and keep reading the blog.

i'm convinced that this trip will be a turning point for some of the kids (and maybe even some of us adults) on this team. i've seen it happen many times before. getting outside our own american world opens our eyes to the world around us and the opportunity we have to be a blessing with we have been blessed with. we are not here just to sit on our blessings but to pass them on.


Jean Ohlerking said...

you can count on our prayers!
dad and mom

Amy said...

we totally appreciate the prayer support. My name is Amy, and I am one of the leaders going on this trip. I can't wait to see what God is going to do in our lives as well as the people we come in contact with.

Cajun Tiger said...

Already have been =) It will definitely be a life changing experience for everyone involved.

Susan Rodgers said...

Count me in! It's awesome what y'all are doing. ILY