16 April 2006

pseudo-live blogging from easter at the river center

just before service...

robert conti doing one of the many things he does so well - shooting great pics.

charles and kristen at their last stateside easter (at least for a while).

andrew doing what he does so well - looking good.

david, david, david. sometimes you just gotta pause and let someone capture your mug.

bo and chris - making it all sound right and look right and fit all together.

lance giving a final preservice update to pastor dino - feelin' good. and lookin' good, lance.

now we're rollin'....


FeatherIron said...

It was a memoriable morning. I sang in the Choir and wow, was it thick on the stage! I wept the whole time.I'm so glad I did it.

I took pictures of everything too, including the protesters. Dean was doing parking and he was one of the guys right out where they were. He had to escort a few ladies into the service that got screamed at by them but he also brought water to the protestors and always gave them a warm smile. "they will know us by our love.." I kept praying that the protestors and everyone that came to the service would know us by our love. My Dean was shining :-)

Aimee' said...

I was up in section 305, way at the top. What an amazing view! To see people praising God.....to feel the presence of our Lord! As I praised God and worshiped Him while DeLynn and the others sang How Great is our God I was feeled with chills as I opened my eyes and looked down at where the people in wheelchairs were sitting. As that song was echoing through the RiverCenter I saw one lady who was sitting in a wheelchair get up with both hands in the air and start praising God! Then the woman sitting in a wheelchair next to her got up with both hands lifted up to Heaven and started praising and worshiping God!

What an amazing Easter Sunday! What an amazing service!

Andrew said...

so what you're saying is that all I do is look good?

I get the feeling that's not a compliment, considering what I was doing :D

Great pics! very good coverage of the whole deal.

I found it hard to pay attention to all that was going on behind the scenes, but when I was paying attention, it was definately awesome