28 April 2006

what i was greeted with coming home thursday night

i love my life.

jd coming in from playing basketball - a daily gig with the neighbor kids

lincoln watching tom and jerry - a new favorite for him - actually laughing out loud by himself while watching.

lincoln's drawing of his new invention - he said it is "the color machine 6000" - it sucks up hats and turns them into markers

tori flailing and dodging the camera - the miracle that i actually was moving the camera at just the right speed and angle to synchronize with her motion - quite an amazing picture when you consider it all...

rhodes and rhett just being really really really cute

i love my life.

as for vicki - did you even think for a second that i was gonna get that shot? actually, she was over at her brother's house painting or cleaning up or something. brian and his family are moving into a place that we've all been helping remodel (ok, i've been there 2 or 3 times) - anyway - she wasn't here for the photo spree.

i still love my life.


Stephanie said...

That is so Tori to avoid the camera like that! But I actually got a really great shot of the both of us the other day! I sent it to her if you can convince her to let you see! LOL

Joel Dyke said...


Awesome to see a comment with the caption "I Love My Life" that is all about a man, his kids, his wife...FAMILY! Shows your real heart and says alot about Mr. and Mrs. Ohlerking (your mom and dad). I respect you guys alot.

Phillip LeBlanc said...

haha, that is like Tori. Congrats on the "rocket science" pic though :p