18 April 2006

is all the tech stuff worth it?

a few days ago dino rizzo shared this email with me that he got. if you ever wondered if the internet and the video cameras and sound systems and all the computers were worthwhile tools for ministry, this oughtta help clear it up.

I am writing you just outside Detroit Michigan. Not long ago a close friend of mine moved down to Louisana for a new job in Baton Rouge. He has left his friends and family for a new beginning. We talk just about every other day since he has been there. He has been seeking God and asked me to somehow find a church for him to attend much like the one my wife and I attend here in Michigan. After some searching via the internet I came across HPC and have been downloading your talks for sometime now. Three weeks ago my friend attended HPC for the first time and has been going ever since. I myself have been listening every Sunday after I get home from church, and we talk about your message. His family is coming to visit him over Easter, and your talk on courage has influenced him to ask his family to join him at the River Center on Sunday. I just wanted to let you know how God is using HPC though the internet all the way up here in Michigan. Thank you and your staff for your commitment to Christ. I look forward to visiting HPC sometime in the near future.

this past sunday (easter) we had 76 people "attend" healing place church via the live webcast. i can't wait to get the internet campus up and running. it is so worth it.

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Blake said...

o my gosh that it soo kool!