26 April 2006

i've got a new favorite book

usually my favorite book is the one i'm currently reading. but this time it goes a little deeper than that.

some friends of mine (former next-door neighbors here in baton rouge) moved to oklahoma (had to be for a job change - why else would you leave louisiana to go to oklahoma? maybe i should ask the "nok" hornets...) - i'm digressing.

anyway, sindy and gary started going to what is possibly the second-coolest church on the planet, lifechurch.tv. i've got a lot of respect for what they do, but even more for the heart behind it all.

the pastor, craig groeschel, just released a new book, "chazown" - from multnomah publishing - very very cool look to the book, and as i read it, i'm more and more convinced that the packaging of the book, as cool as it is, is secondary to the content.

go get your own. it's worth the 19.99 - hopefully it won't cost you a neighbor moving up there like it did me. thanks gary and sindy (and stone and shawn). the perfect gift.

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