04 April 2006

a prayer request...

just had an IM conversation with my mom ("meemaw") who is in swaziland right now. i posted a couple days ago about a wreck they had. my dad is a diabetic, so wounds aren't healing as they would for a normal healthy person. God spared their lives for sure in the wreck - but now i'm asking for prayer for him - check out what mom just told me:

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:30:30 PM)
what are you doing still up?

meemaw says: (4:30:32 PM)
your dad got a cut on his leg in the wreck

meemaw says: (4:30:46 PM)
and it's now very very very angry

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:31:02 PM)
y'all gonna come home to get it taken care of?

meemaw says: (4:31:07 PM)
teresa went to the chemist and got some powerful salve and some oral antibiotics

meemaw says: (4:31:27 PM)
so pray that it takes care of it.

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:32:00 PM)
we will for sure. we're fasting here at home for the upcoming easter service - i'll add dad's leg to my prayer list for this fast.

meemaw says: (4:32:18 PM)
thanks danny.

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:32:46 PM)
please please keep us posted on it.

meemaw says: (4:33:29 PM)
if it gets worse we may see a doc in nelspruit

meemaw says: (4:33:59 PM)
worst scenario is he could lose a leg!

meemaw says: (4:34:51 PM)
thanks dan.

meemaw says: (4:34:58 PM)
hug your kids for me.

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:35:07 PM)
i love you ma. hug my dad for me

meemaw says: (4:35:18 PM)
will do. bye

(dan) i really love this church says: (4:35:22 PM)

not easy to think about, but i also know my God is bigger than this infection, and the same God that protected them in the wreck can heal not just his leg, but the diabetes as well. thanks for praying with me.


Stephanie said...

You all are in my prayers as always! Please keep us posted as well!


David Russell said...

Praying bro.

FeatherIron said...

Will definitly pray.

E scratched a misquito bite on her foot and it got infected and I have been mother hen with the " keep Neosporim on it! Keep it clean! Get a band aide!" She is not in danger yet in the foot area but I still have to stay on top of her feet, that is the first area circulatory problems come up from what I hear. I know it is especially serious for a type two diabetic like your father so I will get E to pray for him too.