25 April 2006

check out the new look on www.dinorizzo.com

slammin' new look for www.dinorizzo.com. david song went over-the-top on this gig. nice design, dude.

lots of new functionality. lots more links. lots more getting inside the mind and heart of dino rizzo - an interesting place to visit to say the least.

plus there's a bunch of photo galleries - most of the pics are heretofore unpublished, including pics from his trip last summer to mozambique to children's cup's operations there (my personal favorite gallery).

check it out - drop a comment while you're there. and go holler at david while you're at it.

(that's right, i used the word "heretofore" in a blog. shouldn't be legal to use dork language in a blog, but it's not illegal, and it just seemed to fit. i'm okay with it, so you should be, too.)


FeatherIron said...

Not dork language, "Heretofor" is Geek language, and I should know seing how I am one :-)

David Russell said...

Brilliant design. Loving it more the more I'm there.