15 April 2006

gettin' ready for easter

here's what the river center looked like around 10am today. the last time i was in the river center it was for a joyce meyer meeting (which was pretty slammin' by the way - got to sit in the tv control room) (thanks, david). the time before that, it was for a circus.

today really feels like we're getting ready for a rock concert flow when you watch the riggers hooking up the truss and all. but then it has a classy conference feel when you see the signage and the hosting setup. it has a circus flow at least today when you see the volunteers all thoroughly enjoying working really hard to make it come together - lots of fun as we worked.

but the biggie is that it has a real "hpc" feel - like it isn't going to be really any different than a normal hpc service (whatever that is) but just in a bigger room with everyone together and hopefully a lot more guests.

a couple times this morning, i passed a huge group of ushers/greeters checking the place out this morning and let me tell you - those guys were looking good. happy, excited, buzzing about helping people. the kids room is huge - gonna be awesome. the nurseries are first-class. it's really gonna be great.

anyway - all this to say - i'm ready for tomorrow to get here. it's gonna be great.

if you're in the baton rouge area, i hope to see you at the river center. if you're not, i hope you have a great easter wherever you are. we're planning on being live on the web like usual, so if you don't have a place to go, check us out around 10:30am.

happy easter!

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