27 April 2006

hope rwanda: 100 days of hope

got this email from the children's cup team in africa. they've been working hard (especially ty's dad - "beano" van rensburg) to help make the "100 days of hope" in rwanda all come together. you can check out more about it here. joyce meyer, hillsong's brian and bobbie houston and mark and darlene zschech, delirious, and others are hodling some huge meetings/concerts in rwanda.

anyway - check out this report from beano:

Hi, Well Easter has come and gone.

The last of our containers shipped from India arrived Thursday afternoon. As it really is getting to ‘crunch’ time, we rallied about 140 volunteers (as expected, about 20 from the many churches we approached, and the rest from Elmer Komant’s church, the local PAOC missionary). Anyhow, these volunteers over the Easter weekend packed the 72 000 prison bags. That is 18 000 bags each day…nothing but incredible.

Today we start on the correction of ALL the promotion material. This means that all the huge bill boards around the city, the 300 church banner’s, 5000 posters and 25 000 fliers have to have a ‘band aid‘ stuck over the crusade venue location change. Covering up the word Nyamirambo stadium with Amahoro stadium.

Then, it’s just the usual everyday things that are now moving and gaining momentum very fast as the clock counts down. Today we start mobilizing the delivery of the prison bags to 19 different prisons scattered far and wide, also the balance of about 48 000 Samaritan’s Purse boxes out to the many, many different distribution sites ( schools, orphanages, hospitals etc)

Billboard change of location. There are 15 of these around the city.

Samaritan’s Purse boxes in our warehouse. We started with 120 000, now down to about 50 000 and still to deliver.

Part of the sound and stage equipment ready for the meetings.

Packing of the 72 000 prison hygiene bags.

Sample of SP boxes contents.

Packing of Prison bags.

Loading of both SP and Prison boxes for distribution.

please pray that this event will have a long and lasting impact for the Gospel in africa.

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