07 April 2006

"for them" - notes from yesterday's hpc staff meeting

here's a link to my notes from staff meeting yesterday during dino rizzo's teaching.

as usual, they're just the rough notes i typed while he was teaching - don't expect much from the note-taking but expect a lot from the message. it was really really great. key to how we define who we are here.

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Jean Ohlerking said...

we read the notes...wishing we had been there.
and we especially love the lines,"take all your titles off" and "be ready to work outside your comfort zone" and "it is never about us, it is about them."

the reason we're here "out of our comfort zone" is because of "them," the people here in swaziland, who need to know the Jesus of Easter.

i'm so glad to belong to hpc! so thankful for dino!