30 April 2006


check out the timestamp on this post.

ridiculous. this is a ridiculous time to be posting a blog. but then again, this is a ridiculous time to be up with nothing else to do. but wait - i've got a ridiculous reason for being in this ridiculous spot.

basically, i've been sitting here at my laptop at a little round table in my kitchen (which my wife did a great job designing to have a starbucks-in-the-house feel to it - yay vicki) since about 5:45am - had my cereal already and i'm just waiting to leave for church (gotta meet pastor dino at 7am).

why? i have no idea why, but it all gets back to having to reset the time on my alarm clock wrong and then being ignorant enough to just get up when the alarm went off and not wondering why it felt so early. shoot, 5am, 6am - they're both too early for me to distinguish between the two. so, i got up and took my normal prep time and went to check my time on my phone and, well, it all started coming to me - the reality that yes, i'm ready an hour early.


finally got some daylight coming in the window. guess i'll try to find something else to do. if i can't, brace yourself, i may be posting the long version of the story of my life last week. betcha can't wait for that one.


Stephanie said...

I've done that TOO many times to count it as an odd thing now! HAHAHA! What did you end up doing with your extra time?

Andrew said...

Good call.

And you've got two teenagers commenting.

Makes you look all "hip" and stuff. (Pshh, you've got twins, you can't be hip. :D)

Dan Ohlerking said...

stephanie - i ended up reading some other cool blogs and commenting then being about 5 min late to my meeting. figures.

andrew - you mean that you and stephanie commenting on my blog would be enough to make me hip were it not for me having twins? i figured i'd be blaming my non-hipness on being the parent of a teenage girl and four sub-teenage sons. at least we're not talking about me breaking my hip just yet.

i think if i can look as cool as i do in that pic at 6am on a sunday, i've gotta have some element of "hip" in me.

Andrew said...

let's not jump to conclusions here.

one of the twins are going to want rollerblades sooner rather than later.


Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHA! That's funny! I also do that WAY too many times to count! lol...