26 April 2006

live from franks - a blessed life study

this morning we wrapped up the 10-week study on psalm 112 at frank's with the men of hpc. dino taught on verse 10. here's my notes - again, they're just the rough and raw version.

i was blown away at how many men stood to say they'd made it to all 10 weeks of the study. what a commitment! i think i only made half of them. 10 weeks in a row doing much of anything is an accomplishment for any man. so we gave them a little gift and recognized them for their faithfulness.

i'm looking forward to the next 10-week series starting june 7 - calling it "what a man wants." and what's cool is that in the gap between now and then, donnie musso is doing a 5-week study for the men who just gotta get up for a 6am meeting.

check out the notes from this morning. they'll encourage you.

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