19 April 2006

news from healingplace_amazon

here's a new update just in from my good friend isaac williams - from the brazilian side of healing place church.

Once again we have returned from a visit to the churches in the interior. The trip was great. When we arrived at Alligator Lake, we decided to go to town on the speedboat and buy some supplies. So we bought our supplies and were ready to head back. The engine would not start though. We made it all the way to town but when it was time to go back the engine died and we could not find the problem. Night came and we had nowhere to stay. We bought two more paddles and began our long trip back. Thank God we had to go downstream. We paddled for five ours in the middle of the night. So, it was a good start to our trip.

We stayed mostly at Alligator Lake. We are building a base there where we can take in missions teams and have a place to stay when we go there. From there we can reach the other villages which are close by. But, building something like this is not an easy task. We are getting all the lumber from the area so each piece of wood is cut by chainsaw. Then it needs to be carried out of the jungle to the building site. Make a long story short, it is not an easy task.

After a few days at Alligator Lake we took a trip to an outreach called New Village. The family there is doing well. We have plans of building a church there also. This village is really hard to get to. During the dry season it can only be reached by land after a 40 minute walk, but during the rainy season, we can go all the way in but it's still not easy. We held service there and encouraged the fellow believers.

We also took a trip to Swamp Lake. They have been having morning services there. It is the only one of the four churches that has morning service. It has been working out great. We have almost all the material to build the church building there. Soon they will have a place to meet in. Until then, they have been meeting at a house.

Since the speedboat broke down, we were not able to visit Peace Village and Joy Village. Please keep each of these churches in your prayers. Pray that they will be fully committed to Christ and that they will share with others what God has done in their lives. We thank you for your prayers and support.

keep these guys in your prayers. as you can tell, they're out there doing whatever it takes to "go everywhere and tell everybody."


Aimee' said...

If I didn't know we were in the year 2006, I would think that I was reading this straight out of the New Testament! Amazing! You are in our prayers, Isaac!

Blake said...

Wow! That's crazy! Next Wednesday I am leaving with a team form Baton Rouge to go down there for ten days. We will be spending 5 days in the interior. I can't wait. I should be able to send some pics when we get back to Manaus!