20 June 2006

myspace vs. blogger

check out this post by phillip leblanc - still a little soft on myspace, i think (as direct as he is about it, i still think it is very clear - myspace is for weenies).

i've allowed my daughter to have a myspace account but only for the purposes of being able to read a select few of her friends' myspaces. she checks with me prior to accepting someone as a "myspace friend" - if i don't know who it is and approve, she doesn't add them.

we've agreed that her myspace is not a place for her to build an online presence. she's got a blog for that. and i told her i'd work whatever web design i know how to do to help her have everything (and more) that she could get with a myspace account.

sure, there's the whole "everybody's got a myspace" sensation (it's just a sensation - not the truth) but the benefits hardly come close to outweighing the risk and all the garbage that comes with it (there are more descriptive words for it than "garbage", but stating them here would only make this post stoop to a myspace level).

anyway, thanks phill, for the analysis on your blog. and thanks, tori, for being an incredible daughter who is going full-out after God.



FeatherIron said...

Teen=myspace, adult=blog, I have both :-)

No, my neice set me up a myspace so that I could eves drop on her, the Earles boys and some other not-to-be-mentioned people. She kinda regrets it though since I "police" her site too much but Myspace is extremely juvenile.
Every one has one so that is just the reason to NOT have one!

Chris Jarrell said...

Great post Dan. I agree with you. Most of our students have My Space. I have one so I can connect with them(watch them) and hopefully try to shine some light in the darkness of My Space, I try to make. Most of what is on there is "garbage". I appreciate your comments, I wish many of the parents would read your post.

Keep up the great work.


Jason Guidry said...

Yeah, Phill's post was interesting, and it brought up some good points.

I use MySpace and Blogger though. All updates about life-related events go on my Blogger anyway.

If half of Refuge didn't use MySpace, I'd probably ditch it.

(And wouldn't you know it, Phill's the one that got me into the whole MySpace thing.)