06 June 2006

#1 son in pathfinders summer session

okay, this was a proud day for me. jd (my oldest son) started an internship-type program with pathfinders today. pathfinders is the jr. hi ministry at healing place church. crystal tullos has done what looks to be an awesome job setting up this program to train these fresh young minds of mush to be servant-minded laborers in the Kingdom.

it's not your average junior high school summer for these kids. they're gonna be cleaning, serving, learning, studying, reading, writing, giving stuff away, helping any way they can - and getting hands-on experience in real-world situations of ministry.

yay pathfinders.
yay tyler and crystal.
yay jd and all the other kids going for it this summer.

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jennifer said...

I am so excited for your son. My son did Summer Session last year & is doing it again this year.
After Summer Session last year, he decided he is going to go to Bible College & serve in the Kingdom forever.
I agree, yay Tyler & Crystal, yay Pathfinders, yay Navigate Summer Session