16 June 2006

johnny quattro has landed

johnny green has a blog.


i feel like i've been like those people waiting on the boat watching for a glimpse of a whale surfacing off the coast of alaska. looking... waiting... hoping...

then finally, there it is! ah, the beauty. the majesty. every expectation surpassed.

you've gotta see this.

johnny green's blog

johnny is the highland campus pastor for healing place church. he's from central from back when central wasn't a city. he's the son of my favorite bible college professor. he's one of the only degreed staffers at hpc. he's got a black and red u2 ipod. he's got a jeep. he's got the biggest kid you ever saw (johnny cinqo). he's a dietrich bonhoffer fan. i went to africa with him. i've seen the best and the worst of him, and i've seen that his worst is still often better than my best. he's the real deal.

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Cajun Tiger said...

I was pumped as well when I finally saw he had taken the blogging leap =)