14 June 2006

6am men at frank's

well over 100 (i counted about 116) men showed up at frank's this morning for the study dino rizzo is doing called "what men want" - pretty cool.

he talked about some lessons from the story of zaccheus. one point he made really well was that we're going to face some tree-climbing situations. we're too short to see. there's a lot of people in our way. there's something challenging us - keeping us from what we neeed to do. but z didn't settle for that.

sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to follow hard after Jesus.

but it's always worth it.


Jamie said...

That is very true. Sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone and climb that tree. Sicamore to be exact. I hope that is how you spell that. If not sorry! I don't know where my dictionary is.

Phillip LeBlanc said...

For my first bible study, I thought it was pretty neat. I always love to hear Ps. Dino speak, its one of the reasons I can stay for all four services on the weekends :p