20 June 2006

stand up eight

d wade. glad to see him get his tonight. love how he uses the glass. love that he can shoot free throws. (that's important to me for some reason.)

i love the ad where they show wade getting knocked down over and over. then the caption, "fall down seven times..." then he keeps getting back up and then the caption says, "stand up eight."

great lesson for life. it's how he plays the game. it's how i wanna live mine.

congrats dwayne wade - nba finals mvp.


Cajun Tiger said...

The thing I like most about Wade is his attitude...he just gets the job done and lets his skills talk for themself.

FeatherIron said...

I have no idea who that guy is but that is a fabulous saying!

I got made fun of for commenting on everyone's blogs, I can't imagine why ;-)