29 June 2006

two links you HAVE to hit

ok, you don't have to. but you should.

first - tally wilgis (yeah, that's his name - he's so cool that a name like bill johnson just couldn't contain him) has a post called "blog maturity 101" - great thoughts in there - definitely worth the time to read. i especially like the last two:

#5 - Look up the term Ad Hominem.
#6 - You can be both true and Wrong at the same time!

the other link you need to hit is bob franquiz has a post called "keep the creative juices flowing" - some cool thoughts then a list i love:

  1. keep innovating

  2. limit the number of sacred cows

  3. stay open to the Spirit

(that last one trumps it all.)

there's so much more to say but i'll save it for another post.

1 comment:

FeatherIron said...

Blog Maturity 101 is great, great stuff. I think it should be used as a part of training for any and all internet workers representing a church. He needs to copy write that if it's his.

Return of the King is on, gotta go..