28 June 2006

"going global" flare in campus pastors meeting

hpc campus pastors meeting today

as i sat and listened during the hpc campus pastors meeting this morning, i looked around the room (only part of it is showing in the picture here) and it dawned on me how "globally" represented we were in there.

fernando gutierrez is on the left - pastors our spanish campus.
mark stermer is next (moving right) - oversees all the campuses, and just returned from a visit to our mozambique property.
jack dyer - in as a guest teacher today - a missionary to honduras and india with years and years of experience from all over.
james williams - amazon inland mission - the father and uncle of all the brazilian williamses you hear so much about. his legacy speaks volumes for him.
timmy straight - st. francisville campus pastor
elizabeth (williams) demarest - dream center campus pastor
on elizabeth's computer is her brother isaac in brazil via video conference on IM - he's invovled in our brazil campus and he's heading out soon to the mozambique campus.
not pictured is johnny green (highland campus pastor) who went with me to africa once, and whose mother-in-law is currently in tanzania.
also not pictured is lance leblanc, who heads out for australia in a couple days.

i wondered how many countries all of us had been to all put together. i haven't counted recently but it's something like 35. i know most of them in there have been to several i haven't been to yet, too. i thought, "what a huge honor to sit here with such a representation of what God is doing around the world."

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