08 June 2006


toby bohl, joel dyke, and todd bougher

my cousin, todd bougher (pronounced boo-yer but around here, of course it gets twisted to boo-yah) and toby bohl (our tv/lighting dude here at hpc) just did this stage makeover for joel dyke's church (life church) up in the yankee end of louisiana (anywhere north of i-10). check out joel's post about it here.

todd does some really off-the-hook stage designs here for us at hpc - he's got the whole creative and resourceful genuis thing working. (runs in the family - hahaHA).

it's been a great week for todd, too - he got to play drums at the one way worship night last night at hpc and did a mighty fine job, too.

way to go boo-yah!


Phillip LeBlanc said...

Its my favorite tech guy at HPC, Toby :p Mostly because he's a PC dude.


Jean Ohlerking said...

i'm really impressed by the guy in the red shirt.