28 June 2006

a few new links on my sidebar

i've added craig boutte - (craigboutte.blogspot.com), cheri leblanc (drcheri.blogspot.com) and phill leblanc (members.cox.net/pmleblanc007/blog.html) to my sidebar.

craig is one of those guys you meet and you just get the idea that God is about to unpack some huge destiny on. he's serving like crazy around here at hpc and is just really one of those real-deal dudes.

dr. cheri is the one through whom God gave the vision for hpc's mobile medical clinic. her blog is full of updates, great information and stories about what God is doing through the clinics she runs.

phill leblanc is dr. cheri's son - reading his blog will remind you that some kids DO get it, and aren't wasting their lives on stupid stuff.

both are good reads. both will keep you right in touch with the heart of hpc and how it is being expressed all over the place.

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Cheri LeBlanc said...

I feel like I've made it to the "BIG TIME". I'm on Dan Ohlerking's sidebar! Thanks, brother! Thank you as well for being one of the many Godly men that poor into my son's life. HPC truly is a community of Christ with each of us watching out for the other's kids.