29 June 2006


scott hodge hit the nail on the head today with his post "thinking and living glocally." if i had seen this post before putting up my "two links you HAVE to hit" it would have been "three links..."

here's a bit of the post:

    For us, one thing we know for sure is that we're not interested in missions being a "department" that hosts a dinner once a year or outreach being an "event" that people can be a part of if they happen to be interested.

    We want global & local concern AND action to be a WAY OF LIFE for our church community.

    [read the whole thing here]

i grew up an mk (missionary kid) and have always kinda thought that those who don't go overseas are wimps. i was all about the whole thing that if you aren't called to stay then you ought to go (keith green).

i still feel that a lot, but there's a really true point in the fact the whole world is our mission field. it can be a cop-out to say we're doing missions in our own back yard. but i have seen (especially since katrina) desperately lost and hurting people as much here in the USA as i have in africa or asia.

the fact is that there are hurting people EVERYWHERE and there are desperate situations all around us. we need to go overseas. we need to go next door.

compartmentalizing missions and outreach int "departments" dilutes the truth that these are the very core of what being a Christian is all about.

like scott said, it is WHO we are, not what we do. at least it should be that way.


Colleen said...

Amen to that.

Jason Guidry said...

Yeah, you'll be suprised how many lost people live in your own neighborhood.


Christopher Fontenot said...


You've identified the problem...the mission field of Baton Rouge, EBR Parish, and the state of Louisiana.

What are we going to do about it? Are we risking our lives to share Jesus with the lost? You will probably never suffer in this country the kind of persecution that many Christians around the world endure for Christ but does the fear of man keep you from telling people about sin, righteousness and judgment to come? Christians are murdered every day around the world for the faith and yet we fear the OPINIONS of others if Jesus offends them. Their opinions of us are irrelevant. Their eternal soul is at stake. Do we care enough to risk it? Or are we just practicing "Churchianity?"