01 March 2007

todd rhoades - the mmi dude

me with todd rhoades outside ralph and kacoo's (boutin's was already closed for lunch - dangit.)

had lunch (actually it was late enough in the day he referred to it as "lupper") yesterday with todd rhoades. todd is in baton rouge (across the table from me now, actually) for our healing place experience.

back when i started blogging, todd's monday morning insight was one of the blogs that it seemed like everyone linked to (and they still do). he was one of the first bloggers i felt was truly dedicated to and understood the value of blogging in the church.

todd is still doing mmi, but he's also taken a spot on the team with leadership network. you really oughtta stay tuned to what he's doing there. church innovation is his passion - and leadership network is giving him the green light to help churches communicate and learn from each other and grow in innovation through interacting with each other.

i had a great time with him - it was an honor to hang with you, todd. you're doing some amazing stuff for the Kingdom.

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FeatherIron said...

I would have loved to meet him! He's one of my favs!