16 March 2007

good stuff from perry noble (via tony morgan)

check out the notes tony posted from some of the sessions perry noble is teaching to a bunch of church leaders at the unleash conference up in south carolina:

  • The myth behind growing churches is this: It's all about style. It's not about style.

  • Churches don't grow without Godly leadership.

  • How can you get a vision for your church without time with God?

  • In the Bible, God never gave the vision to a committee. "The personnel committee, they're of Satan."

  • "God didn't ordain deacons to tell the pastor what to do."

  • "If you've never been scared, you've never heard from God."

  • If you're not the senior pastor, you have to trust that he's hearing from God.

  • "As a pastor, I can't please everyone." I'd rather offend the people in the church seats than God who gave us our vision.

  • People will leave. And that's OK.

  • Most of the people on NewSpring's staff team come from NewSpring Church.

  • "God has never called us to do anything that's safe."

  • "It insults God when we dream small dreams."

  • Ask God for big things.

  • "If you can sleep, it's not a vision. If you can do it, it's not a vision."

great stuff - and that's just a portion of the whole - check the whole post out here.

thanks, tony, for posting it for all of us non-attenders.


Robert Pooley said...

It was a good conference... You should've gone... Carolina BBQ and good company... See you in Austin I hope

dan ohlerking said...


wish i coulda been there for it. and austin's another one just like it. i am doing probably the only thing that would make me miss hearing craig groeschel at an ARC conference... i'm going to africa - taking our elevate (interns) for the launch of our new church there.

wanna come - skip ARC with me? or maybe leave right after ARC and catch a coupld days together in mozambique?