05 March 2007

go global

if you're interested in going on a missions trip this year, there are a couple things you really oughtta know about.

first of all, if you're a part of healing place church, you need to be at the 2007 missions workshop this saturday, march 10 at 8 a.m. anyone who is even considering being a part of a missions trip needs to go to this.

the other thing i wanna let you know about (and this one is for everyone) is called "go global" - a new deal that john siebeling and a great team in memphis from the life church have been working hard to formulate. it's a partnership of several churches like healing place church, celebration church, church of the highlands, and the life church designed to help create a track for people to go from simply feeling a tug toward missions to actually serving full-time on the mission field.

i'll let the go global website explain it better for you, but you need to know that there are some amazing missions opportunities that are open to you with go global. three of the trips they've set up for this first summer are going to children's cup locations (one of those is to the new healing place church campus in africa where children's cup's newest carepoint is coupled together with the new church.

three opportunities to go to africa this year - just check out their website and fill out the application to get the ball rolling. plus, there are several other places they are sending teams this summer - all great opportunities for anyone considering getting involved on the mission field this year.

so.... don't forget....

1. if you're in baton rouge, come to the missions workshop at hpc this saturday
2. if you want to see what opportunities there are for you to go to the mission field this summer, check out go global.

gimme a holler if you have any questions at all about either.

after lunch sunday (left to right) me, kissy and matt blanchard, patrick conti, heather goff

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