14 March 2007

prayer need from swaziland

just got this from ben with children's cup over in swaziland:

We have a doctor team here right now and the head doctor is having some problems with kidney stones. We are rushing him to the hospital now!! Please be in prayer with us.

please take a minute to pray for this situation.


UPDATE: ben just sent word to us here via patrick conti that dr. beyda is doing much better. THANK YOU to all who prayed with us for this great man.


JD said...

thats not good, did they find anything else out since then or not.

ill be praying.

love ya


JD said...

WOW! thats not good. do you know anything else?

ill be praying

love ya


CONNIE said...


By the way, thanks for making the F/T er's have blogs! I am sure this will give a completely new view on life as we know it of a F/T Elevate student! LOVE IT!