20 March 2007

rob ketterling - posting from africa

check out these three posts (and more to come) over at rob ketterling's site - posting during his trip to africa - he just spoke at the first church service ever held at healing place church_mozambique - an unofficial "launch" in preparation for the official launch we'll do in april when i'll be there with the elevate team from hpc.

254 in attendance - plus 25 americans. but get this: about 200 of those were children.

Care Points
Back To Swaziland

and his post about the visit to the children's cup carepoints in swaziland... phew. so true...

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All For Him! said...

I can not believe the number of people! That is amazing, God is going to do so much over there.
Thanks for the updates, only 30 or so days.

Wheeeew hoooo!

Love the pursuit thing- the word itself holds so much depth.