20 March 2007

a few battersonisms

found these notes i texted to myself during the hpc staff meeting mark batterson spoke at. (i know i'm pathetic - texting notes to myself rather than writing with a pen. but honestly, i loathe writing by hand anymore...)

  • don't accumulate possessions. accumulate experiences

  • r u living a life that is worth telling a story about?

  • i wana live life not like "the best i can do is the best i can do," but like "the best can do is the best that God can do."

  • pray ridiclous prayers.

  • it's easy to act like Jesus. harder to react like Jesus.

  • perfect love will not make u sentimental, it will make u fearless.

  • guilt will paralyze u. God is bigger than ur biggest failure.

dude's got some serious truth running around in that head of his. to all of you up there at ebenezer's and ncc - thank God daily for the pastor he's blessed you with. and happy first anniversary.

1 comment:

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

I love this "pray ridiclous prayers." I am all about this!

OUCH!! "it's easy to act like Jesus. harder to react like Jesus." This one was hard to swallow but how true.