13 March 2007

elevate '07 - mozambique

team members - click here for the elevate mozambique team blog

i get the honor of leading the team of full-time interns (elevate) from hpc to help launch our new campus in mozambique. i'm soooo excited about not just going back to africa, but to be able to participate in the development of this incredible bunch of young men and women of God. they represent the future - no doubt - but they are also the present. they serve like crazy here at hpc and i'm excited to get to share with them the opportunity to experience missions in africa.

here's the team:

brandon bourgeois
barton pickens
blake prudhomme
kaycee smith
gabi leblanc
katie fontenot
katherine sharkey
angela musso
natalie spera
brooke anderson
colleen thorp
lauren best
(in just a few short days, they'll each have their own blog - a team assignment - and i'll be sure to post links to each of them for you.)

and as an added bonus, jarred ray from the hpc video team will be coming with us to shoot video and stills, and pastor mark stermer from hpc is going to join us a couple days into the trip along with a couple of great pastors - nathan keller, from sugarland texas and chuck colgrove from humble texas. it's gonna be an awesome trip.

please pray for us. we need support in two huge ways. we need people who will commit to pray for us - starting now and thru the duration of the trip (we get back may 2). that is our first priority. we are totally convinced that this mission needs to be a partnership - those of us going partnering with those who stay here but invest prayer and finances to help make it possible.

if you want to commit to pray, either leave a comment here or shoot me an email at dan.ohlerking at healingplacechurch dot org.

obviously, trips like this cost quite a bit to pull together. we're doing all we can to keep the cost down but it's still well over $3000 per person. if you want to give to help send this team, just click here to give through the children's cup online giving system. 100% of your gift will go toward the elevate missions trip - so long as you select the designation "Elevate 2007 - Mozambique."

anything that is accomplished for God on this trip will be the result of those who went and those who sent. (ha - some unintentional poetry there - sorry.)


Cajun Tiger said...

Definitely add me to the prayer list and will go online to give some support as well! If they are each raising their own support then please apply my donation to Lauren Best's account.

dan ohlerking said...

wooohoooo! thanks shane. you're the coolest.