06 March 2007


esqueletto - partner of ignatio (nacho libre)

sanjaya - american idol contestant

is it just me, or are there some crazy similarities here?

i wonder if sanjaya likes stealing the Lord's cheeps?

how would esqueleto look in that dick tracy hat and a pony tail?

i bet esqueleto could sing better than sanjaya could wrestle.

actually, it's too bad nacho himself couldn't do a guest artist gig on idol this year - i could handle a little "in-car-nah-hah-see-oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-hown" - maybe they'll have a nacho libre soundtrack theme night on idol this season.

dang, that'd be sweet.


Kurt C. said...

I noticed the same thing, and I did a photoshop of it last week...

dan ohlerking said...

haha. the sundance/ignatio similarity might be a bit of a stretch for me, but dude, the esqueletto-sanjaya link is too weird.