08 March 2007

seeing red

this past weekend my daughter tori was involveed in setting up for "red" - a concert at the annex with a band called "no shoes" that they really did a great job of creating an environment for. it was a slammin' night of worship in an awesome environment. after i was there (this pic was toward the end) i got a text from tori:

dad, everyone's going to get baptized at the lake - can i go? please please please?

i had visions of the lake bottom swallowing up kids' feet, making for a messy if not dangerous scenario. but how in the world do you say no to that? as a father i ask you...

she came back from the night saying the whole thing was like going to summer camp (which in her language is about as extremely cool as you can get).

thanks, tweeze, and the rest of the student ministry leadership (d.a.) for doing what you do.

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