20 August 2006

wow - what a story from a friend who pastors a church in...Beirut, Lebanon

yeah i said it. this guy is a pastor in beirut - right where the bombs were hitting the last few weeks. check out this amazing report we just got from him:

greetings! well, it has been a very long month, it seems that it will never end, yet we know always that our God is on the throne and heis able to do exceedingly abundantly above all what we think or imagine. yes i did receive the funds and thank so you so much for that and for every dollar coming in the future as the needs are still enormous and we will not let the terrorist give to there cause more then the christians.

Well, more then 1200 killed, 5000 injured, around 70000 homes and apartments units has been completely destroyed, around 30000 homes are partially destroyed, leaving more then 500000 people homeless. more than 20 billion dollars loss of our economy and the cost of the rebuilding of our bridges, road and power stations that are destroyed completely and moreover the surrounding of our country is still there as until now they haven't allow any ship to come in to our ports and also the airport is still closed for any civilian flight.

Moreover recently they made a survey about immigration from Lebanon and the estimation is saying that 70% of the Christians in Lebanon are thinking about leaving Lebanon once the airport is open again. I do have already so many people who left from our church and yet still there are many in ourchurch that are thinking about it seriously.

All of this to say we have a lot of work to do in these days. However in the midst of all this disaster wonderful news, halleluyah on Monday the 14th of august we had a historical meeting in our church, you find attached to this e-mail some photos of this meeting, were

more then 400 Shiite Muslims gathered together in our church
women and men and around 150 kids all Muslims and almost all are supporters of Hezbollah. We did sing and worship the Lord and the presence of God was so awesome as if a radiance of God's glory was all over me and the team of ministry of our church.
I did preach a sermon about who Jesus is and salvation, it was a crystal clear message no compromise what so ever, to the extend that the people of our church were shocked by the boldness and anointing that was on me. And in the end I gave an altar call and to my surprise more then 95% of them asked the lord into there life for the first time, some of them with tears and some of them with visions of Jesus as they told me afterward.
Later I prayed for the sick people and more then 50 people get serious healings that it blow there own mind that our lord is alive and can still heal today. Women with an issue of Blood disease like the women of the bible completely healed instantly, bones were healed, skin disease etc. sister I was in the glory, now I understand how God can turn everything around for the good to those that loves him.

one of the people heard about the meeting and he was on his way to the north of Lebanon, he drove for 4 hours to come and be with us and he had to drive back for 4 hours even though there is no gas in the nation. There are amazing level of hunger for God and for the salvation of our Lord, almost all of there testimonies is like this "we haven't heard something like that ever in our life" halleluyah, to God be all the glory.

Now the work start, here at [the] church we are keen not to leave these people go without any follow up , so we decided to follow them to there homes even if it is going to take to go to the south of Lebanon and start something there, amen.

you don't know how that is so great, no one ever in the history of the Arab world that I know of ever dared to preach to that number of fanatic Shiite at once without no compromise, this is making history it will be mentioned in books of the evangelistic work in the Middle East as many people preached for Muslims but not Arab Muslims and when they come to the Arab world they preach for Christians. This is surely gave us a great breakthrough and a great encouragement not to stop here but to go further. So as soon as the situation of the south will be settled down and things are back to its normal state we will surely be there the first by the grace of God to start churches and tell all about Jesus amen and amen. Please pray for us and tell everybody to do so as well.

I am still thinking about the TV ministry and believing God for that as I think as many now already know about us and get in touch with us somehow or another, they will surely be happy to see us via TV and they will listen. Also brother we will be starting there from scratch so at the first we will be in need to open an office and later hire a hall and start a church.

sister there are so many things to share however I leave you now with this, please continue to pray for me especially for my health and my sleeping, as I am used now not to sleep... I need [rest], as the work is so great and the needs are enormous and I am so excited and hyper. halleluyah.


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