19 August 2006

this stuff matters

alliece cole emailed me this report that donna frank wrote up after an outreach to a FEMA trailer park the other day. nearly a year after katrina, the aftermath is still very real, but so is the ministry we're involved in as a church at HPC.

"I have never been on an outreach that I didn’t see God’s hand at work. It was at work within that family who, for the first time since the storm, talked about their experience. It was at work in front of Larry’s trailer as we cried out for his family’s return. It was at work within the residents as they walked away, smiling, with new clothes and new backpacks. And it was at work in the volunteers, none of whom left the same. Thank you HPC for giving us the opportunity to see God’s hand at work."

click here to read the full two-page story.

this stuff matters.

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