16 August 2006

party time in heaven!

today we celebrated JD's (my oldest son) 12th birthday. he did the jr. high internship program this summer at HPC, and out of 30+ students including 1st and 2nd year students, he graduated 4th overall. and what's even more important to me is that he learned a ton of great stuff about serving, about the Bible, about studying, praying, and doing ministry Jesus-style. yay crystal tullos (and tyler - you get it too) - y'all did an awesome job running Navigate.

my dad and i got to pray a blessing on my son jd at his graduation a few days ago

my boy lincoln and his cousin sophie just a few hours ago

PLUS... check out this post on my six-year-old son lincoln's blog.

when i told him there's a party going on in heaven for him right now, he thought that was really cool.

what could possibly make a dad prouder than a day like i've had today?

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JD said...

thanks again for praying for me. that was fun.