30 August 2006

tori... again

call me biased. call me "just a proud dad." call me whatever you want to, or even tell me you're tired of hearing how great my daugther is. i don't care. it's my blog and i'm going to write about her again cuz i want to. :)

i saw a post on tori's blog this morning and i thought, i've still got a lot to learn. check out this excerpt:

"...sometimes i get so wrapped up in my own life and my list of things to do, that i miss out on the joys of the life God gave me.

my little brothers do the sweetest things, and i miss it because i am too busy....

life is so full of opportunities to be happy and share joy- and yet...i'm too stressed to see them.

no more...i'm tired of wasting the life that Jesus died just so i could live. i'm tired of wasting life on stress.

no more. i'm done with it."

thank You, Jesus for entrusting such a life to vicki and me - i pray that You'll continue to draw close to her as she pursues You.


Jason Guidry said...

Go Tori.


Joseph LeBlanc said...

Brother Dan,

The feelings we have for our children are the same that our Heavenly Father has for us. He longs to be with us and longs for us to be with Him. Don't believe that your feelings for Tori are wrong they are all right!

In Christ,
Joseph LeBlanc

Jean Ohlerking said...

we thank God for the way you and vicki are raising your kids...(all of 'em are outstanding!)

Tori's relationship with the Lord is, at least in part, a result of your living your faith in front of her.

be proud of her. we certainly are.

pop & meemaw